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Compostamex SA de Cv

Sustainable solutions experts in the process of organic waste

COMPOSTAMEX Sustainable Solutions has extensive experience in the agronomic field and has developed an innovative and effective technology to process organic waste and transform it into one of the most beneficial ingredients and excellent results for soil, plants, crops and environments: the compost.
COMPOSTAMEX specializes in creating solutions to your company for creating high quality compost their organic waste solids and liquids.
We are dedicated to:

+ The Construction Consultancy Development Area of the compost.

+ Advice on the operation of machinery and equipment.
+ Quality control and analysis.
+ Control of odors.
+ Moisture Control.
+ Management of composting in different climates.
+ Application techniques of compost, which you will get  invaluable benefits to the environment, its products and thus their economy.


+ Sale of composting machinery.
+ sale of compost and Reed Agave
+ Executive Development Plans for Composting Plant
Vermicompost solid and liquid
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