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Sustainability experts and sustainability firms act as consultants to their clients, which may be governments, cities, corporations, small businesses, organizations or individuals seeking to reduce their ecological footprint. Some sustainability consulting firms, such as, assist in an organizations planning in order to solve or prevent problems relating to energy, transportation or agriculture. A sustainability consulting firm may consider a business s energy use and create a plan for the use of renewable energy, or assist in a citys planning to allow more effective use of alternate transportation. They may also assist in architectural and building design to allow for more efficient use of energy.

Sustainability consultants can also address ecological and environmental problems that may affect a company's reputation. WSP Environmental, for example, considers factors such as a clients land use, water management, emissions management, and noise and vibration control in order to mitigate and prevent any environmental, social and reputational risks the client could potentially face.

These companies employ agents from a diverse array of industry backgrounds to assist organizations in their efforts to become more green. As environmental issues continue to create public awareness around the notion of resource depletion, these consultants and experts will see a productive future in creating sustainable, green businesses.

How do I become a sustainability expert?

Sustainability experts come from a variety of backgrounds, and sustainability is a new and vibrant avenue of business. Firms like to hire people with a background or interest in civil, structural, electrical or mechanicalengineering, as well as biology, ecology and other water or earth sciences.

Because sustainability is a new industry without well-worn career paths, specific majors and degrees are not as important as the focus you take in your area of study. Self-motivation and a clear direction toward environmental preservation and conservation are some of the most important qualities a sustainability expert can have. Specific details pertaining to education requirements and salary tend to depend on the hiring firm and its particular specialty.

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